The visual computing and machine intelligence (VCMI) group is a research group of the Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia at INESC TEC.

We pursue a never ending visual information learning system, to empower the next generation of intelligent systems with the capability of reasoning from visual data.

VCMI performs research in both fundamental and applied problems in computer vision, image processing, machine learning, and decision support systems anchored in the automatic analysis of visual data.

Under these topics we favour more specific domains. Image and video processing focuses on medical images, documents with handwritten content and video object tracking for applications such as surveillance and sports. Our work on machine learning cares mostly with the adaptation of learning to the challenging conditions presented by visual data. The work on the development of intelligent decision support systems combines visual data understanding with any available additional information to enhance the analysis and the decision process.

Several of the VCMI Researchers are also affiliated with the Breast Research Group  at INESC TEC.

We are always seeking for partners, projects and students. If you are interested… CONTACT US!!!