Hooshiar started his career in studying computer engineering at Shahed University of Tehran. His career began on investigation on quantum computers, under the supervision of Dr. Nasser Mohammadzaheh, who was a successful researcher in quantum computation field.
Right after graduation, he started to study MSc in computer engineering. Having no access to equipped quantum labs, he had to change his field radically, from quantum computation to medical image processing.
Hooshiar did his master thesis in retinal image detection under the supervision of Prof. AhmadReza Naghsh-Nilchi, and could finish his master with 2 conference papers, together with 2 journal articles.
Currently, he is in the field of 2D image to 3D model processing. He is doing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Helder Oliveira, and advised by Prof. Jaime Cardoso.

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