Workshop on Explainable & Interpretable Artificial Intelligence for Biometrics at WACV 2021

January 5, 2021 | Fully Virtual Event

About The Workshop

About the Workshop

The xAI4Biometrics Workshop at WACV 2021 aims at promoting a better understanding, through explainability and interpretability, of currently common and accepted practices in several and varied applications of biometrics. These applications, in scenarios comprising identity verification for access/border control, watching lists surveillance, anti-spoofing measures embedded in biometric recognition systems, forensic applications, among many others, affect the daily life of an ever-growing population. 

Important Dates

Mandatory abstract submission: November 5, 2020 (AoE)
Submission firm deadline: November 13, 2020 (AoE)
Author notification: November 25, 2020
Camera ready & registration: November 30, 2020
WACV 2021 conference: January 5-9, 2021
xAI4Biometrics Workshop: January 5, 2021

Keynote Speakers

Speaker 1

Cynthia Rudin

Duke University

Speaker 2

Peter Eisert

Humboldt University & Fraunhofer HHI


Opening Session

Peter Eisert

Keynote Talk: Professor Peter Eisert

Explaining Deep Neural Network Decisions for Enhanced Biometric Systems

Oral Session I

"Explainable Fingerprint ROI Segmentation Using Monte Carlo Dropout", by Indu Joshi, Riya Kothari, Ayush Utkarsh, Vinod Kumar Kurmi, Antitza Dantcheva, Sumantra Dutta Roy, and Prem Kalra

"Interpretable Security analysis of cancellable biometrics using constrained-optimized similarity-based attack", by Hanrui Wang, Xingbo Dong, Zhe Jin, Andrew Beng Jin Teoh, and Massimo Tistarelli

"Symbolic AI for XAI: Evaluating LFIT Inductive Programming for Fair and Explainable Automatic Recruitment", by Alfonso Ortega de la Puente, Julian Fierrez, Aythami Morales, Zilong Wang, and Tony Ribeiro

Coffee Break

Cynthia Rudin

Keynote Talk: Professor Cynthia Rudin

At the Two Extremes of Interpretability in Machine Learning: Very Sparse Models and Interpretable Deep Neural Networks

Oral Session II

"Focused LRP: Explainable AI for Face Morphing Attack Detection", by Clemens Seibold, Anna Hilsmann, and Peter Eisert

"An Explainable Attention-Guided Iris Presentation Attack Detector", by Cunjian Chen and Arun Ross

Closing Session

* All times are PST - Pacific Standard Time *

Special Issue

"Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Biometrics 2021"

in the Computers Journal

Authors of selected papers presented at the xAI4Biometrics Workshop at WACV 2021 will be invited to submit extended versions to a special issue of the Computers Journal - Special Issue "Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Biometrics 2021" (ISSN 2073-431X). For more details, please click the button below.


General Chairs

Speaker 1

Jaime S. Cardoso

INESC TEC & U. Porto

Speaker 2

Matt Fredrikson

Carnegie Mellon University

Speaker 1

Cynthia Rudin

Duke University

Programme Committee

Speaker 1

Andreas Holzinger

Medical University Graz

Speaker 2

Ana F. Sequeira


Speaker 2

Wilson Silva

INESC TEC & U. Porto

Publicity & Local Organisation Chairs

Speaker 1

Sara P. Oliveira

INESC TEC & U. Porto

Speaker 1

João R. Pinto

INESC TEC & U. Porto

Speaker 2

Tiago Gonçalves

INESC TEC & U. Porto

Sponsorship Chairs

Speaker 1

Marta Gomez-Barrero

Hochschule Ansbach

Speaker 2

Tiago Gonçalves

INESC TEC & U. Porto

Technical Programme Committee

Ana F. Sequeira, INESC TEC, Portugal

Ana Rebelo, INESC TEC, Portugal

Andreas Holzinger, Medical University Graz, Austria

Christian Rathgeb, Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany

Cynthia Rudin, Duke University, United States

Isabel Rio-Torto, University of Porto, Portugal

Jaime S. Cardoso, INESC TEC and University of Porto, Portugal

João R. Pinto, INESC TEC and University of Porto, Portugal

Jonathon Philips, NIST, United States

Kelwin Fernandes, NILG.AI, Portugal

Kiran Raja, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Luis Teixeira, INESC TEC and University of Porto, Portugal

Mark Przybocki, NIST, United States

Marta Gomez-Barrero, Hochschule Ansbach, Germany

Matt Fredrikson, Carnegie Mellon University, United States

Peter Eisert, Humboldt University Berlin & Fraunhofer HHI, Germany

Tiago Gonçalves, INESC TEC and University of Porto, Portugal

Tiago de Freitas Pereira, IDIAP Research Institute, Switzerland

Wilson Silva, INESC TEC and University of Porto, Portugal

Wojciech Samek, Fraunhofer HHI, Germany


In partnership with the European Association of Biometrics (EAB), the Computers Journal, Data Science Portugal (DSPT) and Data Science for Social Good Portugal (DSSG PT)

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